Gang robs Dh236,000 from company in UAE

The Ras Al Khaimah police have managed to arrest aging of three robbers, Asians, involved in robbing Dh236,000 from a company here in the northern emirate.

Brigadier Abdullah Ali Menakhas, Director of the Criminal Investigations Department, RAK police, on Saturday said they rushed to the scene when alerted of the robbery.

“Initial investigations show that the suspects entered into the company through some holes in the roof,” he said. “They managed to break and remove a safe with Dh236,000 in.”

The robbers have also broken another safe in search for money, he added. “But, it only contained some documents.”

A search and investigation team was formed to collect information and evidence, and identify the identity of the criminals.

“The RAK police managed to identify one of the suspects who was working as a cleaner with the same company.”

Investigations show that the suspect had left to another emirate with plans to fly out of the country in an illegal way, he explained.

“The RAK police, in collaboration with the Al Ain police, arrested the suspect who admitted to the robbery which he committed with the help of a friend of him staying in Ras Al Khaimah.”

The robber told the police that he handed over the money (Dh236,000) to a friend in another emirate.

“The RAK police, in association with the Abu Dhabi police and Western Region police, tracked down the other suspect, and arrested him as well.”

Up to Dh232,000 were found in the second suspect’s possession, Brig, Menakhas said. “They admitted to having sold Dh4,000.

Meanwhile, the RAK police arrested the third suspect who was staying in Ras Al Khaimah. “He admitted to helping the duo in their crime,” he stated. “The three suspects, money, and tools used in the robbery were referred to the RAK public prosecution for legal action.”


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