A Effective Way to Use Almond and Yogurt for Skin Whitening

Almond or badam in Hindi, is great for health and has several beauty benefits. Consumption of Almonds make the skin glowing flawless. We will be sharing homemade Almond face packs which help in skin whitening, making skin fair and also to remove the acne and pimple scars from the face. Almonds rejuvenate and nourish the dry skin deeply which is why almond face masks are also good to minimize the lines and wrinkles on the mature skin.To prepare this face pack, soak 3-5 almond in milk at night and the next day crush them with milk to make a granular paste. Apply that paste on the face for 20 minutes or when it gets completely dry. Wash this with cold water. This is the best almond face pack to all skin types to get fair complexion and smooth skin.

Take some almond and soak them in water at night. Crush them with some yogurt and make paste. To crush the almond you can grind them. This will be easier. Apply this almond face pack evenly and let it get dry. When it gets dry rinse the face with plain water. This can be used by oily skin to remove the acne pimple marks from the face. This will also give glow on the face.

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