See man with half-meter long male member who rejects reduction (photos, video)

The man who has the largest penis in the world was advised to have a reduction, But he has refused to do so, He wants to go into the porn industry.

The man who holds the world record –although not official– for the longest penis, has rejected the doctors’ advise for a reduction.

54-year-old Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has an 18.9-inch member when flaccid. It is so large, he cannot have sexual relationships or conceive children, but not even this fact has made him change his mind. Esquivel’s penis goes down to his knees. It was probably his weight lifting while he was a teenager that caused it to grow so long.


He is upset that he isn’t mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records, and wants to try to “earn” that right with them. Cabrera -who is from Saltillo, Mexico- made a video in 2015 showing his member, which went viral. “I am happy with my penis,” he says, claiming he wants to go into the porn industry. Yet he presently cannot go to the U.S. due to a conviction he received for indecent exposure in front of two underage girls about twenty years ago. He was convicted and had to leave the country in 2001. He is now hoping to return. An adult entertainment company offered to pay for a reduction, but he refused. “He’d rather have a penis bigger than the rest of the people,” Dr Jesus David Salazar Gonzalez said.

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