Woman had 13 plastic surgeries in ONE YEAR to look like Ivanka Trump

A woman shocked two doctors by revealing she has had 13 plastic surgeries in the past year alone in an attempt to look more like her idol, Ivanka Trump.


Tiffany Taylor appeared in Thursday night’s episode of the E! reality series Botched and detailed her many procedures during her consultation with Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.


While she shares a name with Ivanka’s sister, Tiffany wanted to take her similarities with the Trump family to the next level after a breakup that ended her 10-year marriage.


‘I’ve had 13 surgeries,’ Tiffany told Dubrow and Nassif. ‘I was so pretty before, but I am just more elegant now.’

A before photo of Tiffany shows her with long brown hair, but now she has adopted a platinumblonde that is more similar to her idol’s hue.


She also has a thin nose that is reminiscent of Ivanka’s facial features.

As for why she so desperately wants to look like Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany revealed she believes Ivanka to be a ‘role model for all women’.


Thus, she has put herself through two boob jobs, a nose job, an eyelid lift, liposuction on her stomach and buttocks.


Tiffany has also received cheek fillers in an attempt to mimic the First Daughter’s physique.

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