mother accused of sexually abusing children, filming it & selling the videos over the internet

A mother in New River, Arizona is behind bars for molesting members of her family, filming the assault and selling it over the internet.


Keri Harwood, a 28-year-old mother-of-two, made videos of her sexually abusing two family members and sold them online for a total of between $500 to $600. She said she did it because she needed the money. According to court documents, Keri molested the kids multiple times in the bathroom of her New River home.

Harwood was caught after she gave her Pokemon Go account login information to a friend because she couldn’t play the game herself due to a bad cellphone connection. The friend then saw two videos of the alleged incidents that were in her Gmail account, which he was granted access to via her Pokemon Go account information.


Following the discovery, Police served a search warrant to Harwood’s home on August 13 and say Harwood admitted to sexually molesting the children on five occasions. She allegedly told police she met a man online and began self servicing for him during livestreams on Snapchat, which she was paid for. The man then allegedly told her to send him videos of her performing s*x acts on the children. She would molest the children in the bathroom during the week when her husband was at work. In all, she sent five to six videos to the man because she “needed the money.”



Harwood is reportedly facing 10 counts of s*xual exploitation of a minor, as well as five counts of molestation of a child. Bond has been set at $150,000, and she remains behind bars.



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