Saba Qamar denies rumors about her house getting sealed

Saba Qamar writes “Well, I’m not in trouble. Recently, the news about my house being sealed has been circulating so let me take this opportunity to clear all these rumors based on nothing but lies. My house has not been sealed, neither has my bank account.”


She further added, “I’m a tax filer. It is very disappointing that channels are circulating such news without finding out the truth. These channels have no credibility as they have been spreading such rumors.

“Moreover, all these channels have been publicizing my home address without my permission and it is just disgusting how a person’s privacy can be disrespected like this. All I can understand at this moment is that one is not even safe in their own house.


“So, we should object to what’s wrong and not fall for anything and everything that comes on the news without knowing the truth. So my humble request is to live and let live!” she concluded.

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