Woman Chops off Husband’s Penis, And Carries It Around In Her Bag.

Couple of months ago we brought you the tale of fiery revenge after a scorned woman and her friends took out her rage on her husband’s mistress.

23-year-old Ly Chanel – a Vietnamese woman – followed her adulterous spouse to a hotel and then proceeded to stuff red hot peppers up the vagina of the mistress.

It was a painful lesson for her but the reports of the incident did not indicate any similar retribution directed at Chanel’s husband.


That certainly isn’t the case in another cringe-inducing story of vengeance for extramarital dallying as a woman went Medieval on her cheating spouse by just chopping off his Johnson which she then carried around in her purse like some sort of trophy.

Wife ‘slices off her husband’s penis after accusing him of having an affair http://dailym.ai/2tNv5Ko 

Daily Mail reports

”A woman in India has been arrested for allegedly chopping off her husband’s penis during an argument over his extramarital affair.


The mother-of-four, 30, was arrested in Gudiyatham in Tamil Nadu as she made her way to her parents’ house – with her husband’s genitals still in her purse.

The husband and wife, identified only as Jagadeesan and Sarasu respectively, had been married for 14 years when the incident occurred on Thursday around 3am.

They had been living separately for a year until recently, when they moved back in with one another at the request of their 13-year-old son.

The couple, who met working in the garments industry, fought regularly and often accused one another of having extramarital affairs, police said.

On Thursday the couple were fighting well into the early hours of the morning, when Sarasu pulled out a sharp night and cut off her husband’s penis, police said”.

‘The quarrel continued till 2am on Thursday and he went to sleep. Around 3am, Sarasu brought a sharp knife from the kitchen and cut off her husband’s penis and left the house with the chopped off part,’ special sub-inspector of police A Krishnamoorthy told India Times.



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